About GTS

GTS was founded in 1990. From the earliest beginnings, developed with the construction of the first counting machines, which today operates globally operating companies.

About us

Counting precision for 30 years

The unique counting technology used so far, rotating disk, counting from top to bottom has been perfected. Today it is possible to count with only one disc from top to bottom as well as from bottom to top. This made GTS one of the most important partners in the entire securities and banknotes printing industry.

Since the beginning, banderole printing has also been developed in parallel with counting machine production. Over the years, GTS has become an international, indispensable supplier of banners.

Due to the extremely high level of vertical integration of more than 80% and the associated extensive renunciation of upstream suppliers, GTS was also able to position itself globally as a system supplier. With the beginning of the planning, the development and the construction of customer-specific finishing plants, GTS also began the production of its own banding machines. GTS is now able to cope with today's changing market requirements.     

Due to the constant development and the growing, worldwide demand GTS was able to expand early. After being expanded three times, GTS today produces over 4500 square meters with 45 highly qualified employees. For years, GTS has been in demand as a training company for both commercial and technical professions. All apprentices were taken on, thus GTS ensures the high level of training of its employees and promotes its own young talent.

Fig. O .: GTS company building at the main location Heilbronn

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